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Marine Plants of Hawai'i

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Also see Magruder's & Hunt's Seaweeds of Hawai'i  

Kingdom Monera

Division Cyanophyta -- cyanobacteria or blue-green algae

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Kingdom Plantae

Division Chlorophyta - green algae
Order Ulvales

Order Bryopsidales
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Order Dasycladales
Order Caulerpales
Order Siphonocladales

Division Phaeophyta - brown algae

Order Dictyotales

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Order Fucales

Turbinaria.jpg (25314 bytes)


Order Scytosiphonales

Order Sphacelaiiales

Division Rhodophyta -red algae

Order Nemaliales

Gfastigiata.jpg (107268 bytes)

Order Bonnemaisoniales

Order Cryptonemiales

Prubra.jpg (71592 bytes)

Order Corallinales

Pgarderni.jpg (56032 bytes)

Order Gigartinales

Gracilaria1.jpg (31928 bytes)

Order Ceramiales

Acanthophora.jpg (42581 bytes)

Order Gelidiiales

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