Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Marine Protected Areas in Hawai'i

Kona Coast FMA, Hawai'i

Established 1991


 Location: "Kona Coast" refers to the following four Fisheries Management Area Zones on the south-western portion of Hawai'i, each bounded by two lines extending seaward at right angles from shore and marked by signs on shore: (a) the "Wawaloli Zone", from the northern end of Wawaloli Beach to south of Wawahiwaa Point; (b) the "Papawai Bay Zone", from Keahuolu Point to the northwestern end of the runway of the Old Kona Airport; (c) the "Kailua Bay Zone", from Kukailimoku Point near the Kailua light-house, to the swimming pool of the Kona Inn; and (d) the "Red Hill Zone", from Puu Ohau ("Red Hill") to Onouli.


  • To catch fish in the Zones with legal fishing gear for personal consumption.


  • To collect any aquarium fish within the Zones.
  • To engage in fish feeding within the Zones, except for opelu fishing.
See also: Administrative Rules


Last update: 6/12/2002