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Food Preparation: The kala can be eaten broiled or dried.

Stages: Young kala are called pakalakala (young grown kala), the intermediate stage kala are called kala oheno, and the adult is the kala.

Proverbs and Sayings: "He kala i`a i `oi ka hi`u, kala" means, the "kala fish with sharp tail." This is said of someone who is able to defend himself.

"Mälama i ke kala ka i`a hi`u `oi" means, "watch out for the kala, the fish with a sharp tail." This is said as a warning to people to be wary of people who can defend themselves.

Interesting Stuff: The kala possesses a strong odor. Some say the odor varies from location to location throughout Hawai`i. Some Hawaiians also say that the kala smells like the food that it eats which is the limu kala.

Land Counterpart: Pala


Last update: 1/25/2005