Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Corals of Hawai'i

Family Dendrophyllidae

Tubastraea coccinea - tube coral Tubastraea
Growth form: large (> 1 cm) separate calices on tubular extensions; clump of 10-20 large calices 5-10 cm across; animal orange or black/
Fine structure: calyx wall very thin, porous and composed of glandular ridges; primary and secondary septa distinct; upper edge of septa depressed below.
Habitat: on cliffs and in caves in shallow water.

Family Fungiidae

Fungia scutaria - mushroom coral Fungia
Growth form: solitary coral on large (4-28 cm), free, elliptical plates; green to dark brown.
Fine structure: septa of uniform dimensions radiating out from central depression; septa thin and serrated.
Habitat: reef flats, frequently in crevices or depressions.

Family Thamastreidae

Psammocora stellata Psammocora
Growth form: small, branched, rounded clumps; branches of unequal length; branches often subdivided at the tip into two projections; pale brown to pale green.
Fine structure: calices are indistinct; septa are well developed and protrude into the center of the calyx, leaving a tiny hole; septa of calices are continuous and form a star-like pattern; septa are rough and granulated, giving a star-like appearance.
Habitat: reef flats.


Last update: 1/25/2005