Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Corals of Hawai'i

Family Acroporidae


General Description: calices separated by open space; papillate projections cover colony.

Montipora flabellata- blue rice coral M. flabellata
Growth form: small, encrusting with irregular lobes; blue to turquoise color.
Fine structure: papillae smaller, sometimes fused to form ridges; calices with elevated collars.
Habitat: shallow water in exposed and protected areas.

Montipora patula - ringed rice coral M. patula
Growth form: small, encrusting; chocolate-brown with light borders.
Fine structure: papillae small, forming rings around calyx.
Habitat: reef flats.

Montipora verrucosa - rice coral M. verrucosa
Growth form: highly variable, encrusting and plate-like (shallow water) or branching (deep); dark-chocolate with white borders to beige or white.
Fine structure: papillae large, randomly distributed, absent from underside of free margins.
Habitat: common in all reef environments, 0-50 m.


Last update: 1/25/2005