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Abstracts from Scientific Conferences:


Detecting impacts on reef fish in Kona: a model for community and interagency collaboration


Evaluation of benthic sampling methods considered for the Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (CRAMP) in Hawai’i


The Hawai'i Coral reef Assessment and Monitoring program (CRAMP)


Detecting impacts to coral reef fishes in Hawai’i: an example of adaptive community-based management


Detecting impacts to coral reef fishes in Hawai’i: an example of adaptive community-based management


Adaptive community-based management of  a marine reserve network in Hawai'i


Long term coral reef monitoring programs: working towards a synthesis of science, management and policy


Measuring the effectiveness of a marine reserve network in Hawai'i


Evaluating the effectiveness of a marine reserve network in Hawai’i to increase the productivity of an aquarium fishery


Size variation in aquarium fishes in an MPA network in Hawai’i


Integral Ecology: a new tool for fishery management

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